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          [사이즈 문의] Order: 2022080104114317533. FACEBOOK TWEETER KAKAOTALK 
          Name S*k , 일반 Date 2022-08-03 17:43:36 Views 240
          No product information


          After purchasing tickets for the concert, I did not receive an email confirmation. Could I get a confirmation from you please? My order number is: 2022080104114317533.

          Thank you!

          Your order has been successfully completed.

          An order confirmation has been sent to that email.

          Please bring your order confirmation and ID on site

          It will be exchanged for an admission ticket on the day of the performance.

          Next ticket confirmation R*n , 일반 2022-09-02 07:21
          Previous Access to the concert hall (1) A*t , 일반 2022-07-12 04:43
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          13 Answer completed
          this is a secret
          S*n , 일반
          2023-02-07 04:51
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          12 Answer completed
          Hi! I didn't receive a confirmation email after purchasing my ticket. Could you check it please? My order number: 2023012620341917530
          Z*k , 일반
          2023-01-26 20:51
          Views 61
          11 Answer completed
          Hi i just realised i didnt receive an order confirmation for my order could you please send me one thank you :) order number: 2021120500040517540 also will i be sent a ticket by email or do i just sho...
          R*n , 일반
          2022-09-02 07:21
          Views 205
          >> Answer completed
          Hi, After purchasing tickets for the concert, I did not receive an email confirmation. Could I get a confirmation from you please? My order number is: 2022080104114317533. Thank you!
          S*k , 일반
          2022-08-03 17:43
          Views 241
          9 Answer completed
          Hello, I bought two VIP tickets for the concert in Paris. I would have liked to know, what proof will have to be shown in order to be able to access the concert and the fan sign? Thank you in advance ...
          A*t , 일반
          2022-07-12 04:43
          Views 275
          8 Answer completed
          Hello, I am awaiting a confirmation email regarding my purchase. Order number: 2022050203431517530. Please get back to me soon. Thanks!
          G*i , 일반
          2022-05-14 21:46
          Views 278
          7 Answer completed
          Hello, i have a question, is there any way to upgrade my ticket from GOLD to VIP? If so, how much would I have to pay for the difference? Thank you very much in advance
          L*s , 일반
          2022-01-10 08:53
          Views 444
          6 Answer completed
          Hello, I ordered 2 Vip Tickets for the Concert in Cologne but haven’t gotten an Order Confirmation yet, will they be sent at a different time or did the Mail not get through to my email? In case of th...
          M*h , 일반
          2021-12-06 08:36
          Views 335
          5 Answer waiting
          this is a secret
          j*e , 일반
          2019-10-16 11:22
          Views 0
          4 Answer waiting
          Hello. My order number is 2019100820515317616. Can you send me a confirmation email. I can't find the email from this purchase. Thank you!
          N*s , 일반
          2019-10-11 15:46
          Views 662
          3 Answer waiting
          What date is this on as it says the 12th of December on the photo and in the info but when buying a ticket it comes up as the 13th of december so I'm confused about what the real date is.
          L*y , 일반
          2019-10-08 12:13
          Views 585
          2 Answer waiting
          [Englisch Trans.] hey, i have a question related to the argon concert and workshop in germany. [DUSSELDORF]ARGON 2019 EUROPEAN TOUR + [DUSSELDORF]ARGON 2019 EUROPEAN TOUR - WORKSHOP I know that it got...
          E*n , 일반
          2019-10-03 06:34
          Views 476
          1 Answer waiting
          What is the difference between the workshop and performance?
          I*a , 일반
          2019-09-30 18:57
          Views 466

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